Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School Once Again

I probably post about this every year. But it's that time once again. The beginning of the school year.

photo credit: iStock/Sandralise 

No, I'm not a teacher anymore. But I do still have two kids in school. One is a sophomore in college. He just started back to class this week. It was tough leaving him at the dorm. If possible, I would have stalled, hoping he'd ask me to help him set up his room or go with him to buy groceries. But no, car traffic was heavy, so we had to quickly finish up and move our vehicle out of the temporary parking. So, unlike last year (freshman year) where we drove and parked in a deck so we could spend the afternoon helping him set up his room and buy books, I had to be a more mature mom this time around. I simply hugged him and told him I loved him. That I'd see him later. (And then battled tears as we left.)

 My other school age child is a senior in high school. Which seems totally unbelievable. I've been working on rounding up childhood photos for a senior ad for the yearbook. I can't believe that sweet little thing in those photos is now a young woman ready to head off to college this time next year.

It feels almost like time is running out, that my job as a mom is almost done. But I suspect, rather, that job duties will simply change a bit. I'm fairly certain I'll be needed for a while longer. :)

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy every minute with my children. Sure, I'll be hyper-aware that each event during this senior year is the last. But there's some satisfaction in that as well. I'm privileged to be the mom of three amazing kids.


Jennifer said...

It seems like your just going along enjoying your kids and next thing you know they are moving on. I have one in high school ,one in junior high, one in intermediate and one grade school. This will be my most challenging year.
Missy your book sounds great and it never gets any easier when leaving our kids. You'd think it would get easier as they get older but it actually gets harder.
Thank you for sharing.

Missy Tippens said...

Jenny, I remember when I had one at each school (elementary, middle and high school). It was a crazy year! Thankfully, that didn't last long. I hope your year isn't too wild and that your oldest can drive. :)

Jackie Smith said...

Hi Missy and Jennifer:
It is not easy when a grandson goes to college either! lol He loves it though, and that makes it easier.
I'll be praying for you Moms!
And can't wait to read your new book, Missy!!

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks for the prayers, Jackie.

I hope you enjoy the new book!

Jennifer said...

Missy for they all take the bus which has been interesting in itself and my oldest is 15 and not driving yet. Someday though.
Hi Jackie!

Jennifer said...


Missy Tippens said...

Thank goodness for the bus! As long as they don't miss it. :)