Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My New Book His Been Spotted in Stores!

I spotted my book in my local Ingles grocery store! And I've heard a friend found it in Walmart. The time is finally here. :) Waiting for a book to come out sometimes feels like waiting for a baby--only it takes longer! :)

I hope you'll look for your copy wherever Harlequin books are sold. It makes an inexpensive gift as well! If you'd prefer to order online, see my "Books" page here on the blog for links to purchase. Or you can ask your local bookseller to order it for you.

Click here or on the book cover to go read an excerpt. I've also posted reviews at my website:

Thanks for your support!

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Book with Missing Pages?

I've heard from a couple of readers who received copies of my new book that had pages missing. If that happened to you, I'm so sorry! Apparently, something went wrong during the printing. I'm hoping it affected only a few copies (all the copies I received are fine). If you're a reader who received your monthly shipment from Reader Service and got a defective book, please contact them for a replacement. Here's the contact info:

7am-11pm EST (Monday-Friday) 


I apologize for any inconvenience. Please know the book went through many editing phases and was handled with care. I'm sure this is no one's fault. Just a matter of an isolated problem with a printing machine.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Story Behind the Story--Lyn Cote

Why I Decided To Go Digital With My OOP "Northern Intrigue" Series
By Lyn Cote

OOP means Out of Print. That means a publisher is not going to print any new copies of a book. When an author signs a contract with a publisher, the author only licenses the publisher to produce the book for a set period of years. When Tyndale House Publishers gave me back the rights to the books in this series and it went OOP, I didn't think too much about this--until Kindle and then the Nook took off.

Then last year, I thought why not format these books digitally and then self-publish them? At first I thought I would just learn how to format the books for the Kindle and Nook and that's all I'd have to do to them. However, in the intervening years since this series debuted, I wrote over thirty more books. When I looked over the pages of the original books, I realized that I like how I write now better.  PLUS technology (ie cell phones, etc) has changed so much that these books needed sprucing up. Besides when an author writes a story, it feels like her child. And I want my children to look their best as I send them out into the world.

So I worked my way through each book, revising and updating. Time-consuming, challenging, but very satisfying work.  So here are my babies--all spruced up and ready for readers!

I've priced Winter's Secret at only 2.99 and the upcoming Autumn's Shadow  and Summer's End will be for a limited time only available for free and then at 2.99 also. If you don't have an ereader, you can go to the page of the book you want on Amazon and download free software and read the books on your computer. Or you can join the digital wave and buy a Kindle or Nook or Ipad. Your choice. :-) ~~Lyn Cote

About Winter's Secret...

Smashed heirlooms, ripped upholstery and rifled drawers--who is breaking into homes--stealing and vandalizing? As the new sheriff, Rodd Durand, home again to small town Steadfast, Wisconsin, takes on the Snowmobile Burglar. In the course of her duties, Wendy Carey, the home health nurse, discovers each new break-in. The small town reels as the burglar eludes capture and steps up his crimes. When Wendy and Rodd begin to fall in love, family complicates matters. But the real stumbling block to their love lies within. Can they break through their own insecurities over the past?

Rave Reviews for Winter's Secret...

"Lyn Cote has the ability to write about a snowstorm
with such delicious description that I can get shivers in the middle of August.
In Winter's Secret, she portrays a small Wisconsin town filled
with characters of depth and substance,
while leading us deeper into their collective past." Hannah Alexander

4 Star Romantic Times Rating
Nurse Wendy Carey loves her job. She visits patients in their homes, and even brings them to the hospital for overnight treatments. There's just one looming problem. Whenever one of her patients goes for a treatment, there is someone in the town burglarizing the empty homes.
Sheriff Rodd Durand is perplexed by the break-ins and has his own theory, including a suspect. His close contact with Wendy makes his suspicions hard to deal with since his growing attraction to her could be terminated if he is right.
Winter's Secret, book one in the Northern Intrigue series, is an excellent suspense story with a good hook and an interesting twist sure to hold a reader's interest. Ms. Cote continues to hone her craft and gain fans.
Reviewed By: Bev Huston

You can purchase Winter's Secret by clicking here.

Author Lyn Cote

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Cutest Dog Video!

I think this is about the cutest video ever! It's from a site I'm not familiar with, Dogwork.com. I can't embed the video on here like I usually do with YouTube. But I'll give you a link:


It's a priceless video of dogs saying grace before their meals. :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My New Book is Finally Available!

My book will be available for order at your local bookseller, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book, etc. around January 24th. But it's already available at the Harlequin site! I'm excited! Click here to see the listing and to read an excerpt. It's available in print, larger print and e-book format. :)