Friday, May 25, 2012

Popping in to Say Hi!

I'm sorry I've hardly posted lately! I'm finishing a new book, Georgia Sweethearts, due out in the spring of 2013. I hope to type The End on the first draft today!! Yay!

An old shot of me working.

The first draft is such a time of discovery. And the pace varies. In the beginning, on the first three chapters, it can go sort of slow since I'm trying to find just the right words for that oh-so-important opening that has to hook readers. Although, I usually have the chapters pretty well plotted out, so I keep a decent pace.

Then I hit chapter 4 or 5, and it's almost always like hitting a wall. The next few chapters are like pulling teeth as I feel my way around the story and try to make sure I've set up good conflict. This is the roughest area that usually needs the most revising once I finish.

Then I get really into the story and the next several chapters come pretty easily.

And then as I approach what writers call the big black moment (the big point near the end where it seems all is lost), the writing starts to fly. From there to the end is one of my favorite parts. I usually don't want to stop writing!

And that's the point I'm at now. :)

I'll check back in soon, once I finish. And next week, I look forward to having a guest on the blog. Love Inspired author Allie Pleiter will be visiting to share Ten Random Facts You May Not Know. Fun!!

Allie Pleiter


Christina said...

Good luck as your finish up your first draft, Missy. Looking forward to reading it next year!Your next post with Allie sounds like fun so I'll be back!

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks Christina!

Missy Tippens said...

I mean Chris. :)