Friday, May 04, 2012

Cool Manicure for Writers and Readers!

This is so fun! I just heard about it from a friend of mine, Love Inspired author Teri Wilson (whose first book, Alaskan Hearts, is coming out in June!!).

A newsprint manicure. Only Teri did it with the print from a Love Inspired book. :)

Teri Wilson's print manicure she shared on Facebook

Teri read about it on the Pretty Penny Blog website. To go see how to do this yourself, click here. I can't wait to try it!!

And don't forget to check out Teri's debut novel! You can actually read an excerpt and order it on the Harlequin site now by clicking here.

Or pre-order on Amazon by clicking here.
Or pre-order on B&N by clicking here.
Or pre-order on Christian Book by clicking here.

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