Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cantata Time!

It's that time again! Our church choir performs special music each December right before Christmas. Lead Me Back to Bethlehem is the beautiful program we're doing this year. I just love it! Several of the songs have really touched me (and have stuck in my head!).

You can hear samples of the music by clicking here. Of course, it's not our choir. It's a group of professionals doing a demo. :) But I'd like to think we sound as good. ;)

I'm singing a solo this year. If you follow the link above to listen, the piece I'm singing on is track 3. It's a gorgeous song. At dress rehearsal this morning, I was preparing to sing. And as usual, my heart nearly pounded out of my chest, and I thought I couldn't catch my breath. I get so very nervous to sing in front of people. Then all of a sudden, the words of the song hit me, and I almost laughed right there at the microphone. "Fear not, the Lord is with you."


Isn't God amazing how He shows us something right when we need it? Or maybe I should say He's amazing how He can knock us upside the head when we need it. :)

Enjoy the sample of music! If you don't have much time, my favorite tracks are 1, 3 and 5.



Andrea Strong said...

Missy~ I've sang specials for several years, but when I first started, I couldn't get through a song without crying. I had to sing with my eyes closed for a long time.

To this day, if I can tell someone is reacting to the song, I have to close my eyes, or I'll cry for sure.

Missy Tippens said...

Andrea, I have trouble getting choked up as well. I have a friend who can sing with tears streaming down her cheeks. If I'm crying, my throat closes up. :)