Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seeing Your Book on a Shelf

 What' even cooler than seeing your own book on a store shelf? Seeing your book alongside your friends' books!! Check out this photo Mary Connealy sent me. It's the Parables Bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska. If you look at the zoomed-in photo, you'll see my book grouped together with a large number of my blogging buddies from the Seekerville blog! And other writer friends just outside the grouping. Of course, after being blown away by the fact 10 of our 15 bloggers were shelved together, I found out Mary had done the grouping for a fun photo. :) Oh, well, it was still very cool to see. Especially since we started out as a group of unpublished authors, and the last, Pam Hillman, just recently sold! All in less than 6 years. :)

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