Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scary, Scary Pumpkin! :)

Okay, so maybe our pumpkin is more gross than scary. :) But it is what it is.

Mistake #1: We didn't check it over when we bought it. Got home and saw a little spot on it that looked like it was going bad. But it was on the back, so I plopped it on the front porch anyway.

Mistake #2: My daughter probably cut it a little too early. But she had the time and the motivation (and I didn't), so I said, "Go for it."

Mistake #3: Probably should have hauled it off and started over at the first sign of mold. But hey, my daughter had worked so hard on it I didn't have the heart.

So now we'll just get through tomorrow and then haul it to the woods. :)

BTW, are you watching the World Series tonight, cheering for the Giants??!! You need to help pull them through!

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Missy Tippens said...

P.S. The date on the camera is wrong! Forgot to change after putting in the battery.