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New Cookbook Release with Angie Breidenbach!

I'm so happy to welcome my friend and co-blogger on the F.A.I.T.H. blog, Angie Breidenbach. Angie has just published her very first cookbook! I've seen the book, and it has lots of great tips and a wonderful plan (with yummy recipes) for dealing with colitis. To celebrate, I thought I'd do an interview to let you know more about it. And Angie has graciously offered to give away one copy to a lucky commenter. I'll draw a name this weekend. Please leave your contact info! So here's Angie...

M: Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to do a cookbook? And why one for people suffering from colitis?

A: Last year, I suffered from severe malnutrition and dehydration. We couldn't figure out why. Once I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis, it was so hard to find information on what I could eat. I began to get really depressed because everything hurt. I had even stopped going out to social events and eating meals with my family. I'd watch them eat because I'd get so sick.

Once the diagnosis was made, it took 3 more months to just start finding out how to manage. During this time I'd been crowned Mrs. Montana International and I was considering not competing for Mrs. International. I had to find a solution. It came through prayer and God's nudging a friend, Tod, to suggest fasting and starting on an Addition Plan instead of the elimination diet that I'd been on. (Elimination diets take out food that bothers you. All food seemed to bother me. Fasting and starting over like a baby with food made all the difference.)

From that point on, I began to understand what foods I could eat and started to have hope again. I wanted to share that hope and joy with other colitis sufferers. The joy is that the recipes are fun for the whole family! So we don't have to eat that differently from those we love.

M: What's your favorite recipe in the book?

A: Oh man, that's a hard one! I grew up on Swedish rice so it's a comfort food. But I adore orange rolls. Wait, I can't stop on the Spiced Roast Beef. Well, then there's Stroganoff (had that for dinner tonight, lol.) Honestly, finding out I can eat these recipes brought joy back into my life when I was so terribly down from the condition. So I love them all.

M: I see that $1 of the proceeds go to one of the foundations that you support--The Jadyn Fred Foundation. Can you tell us about it?

A: The Jadyn Fred Foundation is very close to my heart. These people are strong Christians who love the Lord and are helping families with funds that insurance won't cover like gas, food, and hotel costs associated with medical treatments for their children. Before I was Mrs. Montana, I fell in love with the hearts that run this program through watching my friend's child be part of the Jadyn Fred Foundation. I want to do what I can through my talents to give back to my community. This is my way of tithing on my talents to support something I believe in so strongly. You can find more information at and see who they are, who they help, and why it's so special.

M: Can you tell readers a little of what they'll find inside Creative Cooking for Colitis?

A: Tons of photos! One of the things that bothers me with cookbooks is when I need or want to see a photo of the finished dish. I decided I needed one for every recipe. But to me, the simplicity of how to make each one is important to the busy mom. I sold my very first cookbook the day it released because the lady told me she needed simple! So I'd say simple to elaborately simple :-) There are some really elegant dishes, but they're still easy to make!

M: And where can readers purchase it? (And in what formats?)

A: Thank you for asking, I'm running a new release special on my website and the corresponding blog at: on pdf download for the ebook.

It's 58 pages, but you will have beautiful photos right on your computer. So only print the one you need at the time or read it right off the screen.

You can also order it by CD, that link is coming this week! But PDF download is available now :-D

It'll be formatted for Kindle and e-readers this summer too.

I'll be at these events where you can buy it on CD in person too:
April 17-18th, Naked Truth Singles Conference in Memphis, TN
May 12-15th, Colorado Christian Writer's Conference in Estes Park, CO
(June 19th in Richmond, VA & July 10th in Rockingham, NC)

We're working out the details, but it will be available soon with 550 online stores through the network as well.

Book Summary:
Creative Cooking for Colitis: Tips & recipes on how to start living and eating confidently again is full of gorgeous color photographs for each dish. The Addition Plan and 25 tips really help get you back into a joyful family and social life too! All the recipes are suitable for the entire family. Recipes range from very simple to elaborately simple. Hope and joy are in the pages of this book!

Angie's Bio:

Angela Breidenbach is Mrs. Montana International 2009, author of Creative Cooking for Colitis, works with Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries, the American Heart Association, and the Jadyn Fred Foundation. Angela also teaches online classes and coaches one-on-one in courageous confidence, personal growth, and powerful living. She’s certified in mentor/peer counseling as a Stephen Minister and Assisting Minister. She serves as the American Christian Fiction Writer's Publicity Officer and is a multi-award winning inspirational speaker and author. Not only did she walk the hard line of deciding to donate her mom's brain, but she is also on the brain donation list at the Brain Bank-Harvard McLean Hospital. She is married, has a combined family of six grown children, one grandson.

Confidence Coach & Purposeful Living Educator

Come uncover your gems of wisdom at

Personal growth = Powerful living!

Creative Cooking new release sale special $10!


Missy Tippens said...

Let me also say that if you don't feel comfortable posting contact info, you can also email it to me (with "Angie" in the subject line). Email it to missytippens [at]

Cynthia Reese said...

I'm SO impressed by anyone who can not only cook, but who can write a cookbook! Congrats!

Missy Tippens said...

Yes, Cynthia, Angie worked really hard on this--writing it, cooking all the food and taking the photos, doing the layout, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!

Angela Breidenbach said...

Thank you so much for hosting me here today, Missy! I really appreciate the opportunity to share and maybe give a little hope.

Cynthia, thank you :-) I have to tell you it was really fun to do this cookbook and I now have it in my blood, lol. I plan to do some more. But I have to be really careful because my family can get a bit touchy when I won't let them just dive in without a photo. They are known to hover when I'm in cookbook mode. I think I need a picture of that! :-) Hmm, maybe the next one, lol.


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It's not too late to leave a comment with your contact info to be entered in the drawing!

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