Friday, December 04, 2009

Cool Bible Software Giveaway (at Mimi's blog)

Mimi, at her Woven by Words blog, is giving away two copies of a Bible software that looks really interesting! It's called Glo. She has a review posted and options for entering her contest. You'll see me among those who've entered! :)

One of the features that looked most helpful to me is one called My Glo, where you can keep track of your Bible reading and even set up a plan for reading (setting goals). You're even allowed to have the copy on 3 computers, so this would be a great way to have a Bible on hand on the laptop and mini.

You can check out the Glo Bible at their site before entering the contest.

To visit Mimi's blog for the review and contest, click here. And just to be totally honest about it, I should let you know I'm posting this link as an extra entry in the contest myself! :) Of course, I truly do think the program looks interesting and would probably blog about it anyway.



bigguysmama said...

Missy, thank you so much for posting this. You are my official first re-poster!! *sniff*


lesli said...

Missy, your software looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I felt like I needed to share with you guys a really incredible new audio version of scripture I have run across called THE Voice.
THE VOICE is a fresh expression of the timeless narrative known as the Bible. Stories of God’s goodness that were told to each generation by their grandparents and leaders were recorded and assembled to form the Christian Scriptures. Too often, the passion, grit, humor, & beauty have been lost in the translation process. THE VOICE seeks to recapture what was lost. To learn more and download a free copy of the Gospel of John click here! This is a product that is DEFINITELY worth checking out and really brings the Bible to life!