Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lots of Laughs Today

Well, today's my son's last day at home before leaving to head back to college. It's much different from last year. This time, I know he's happy and has settled in up there--with friends and a support group. I know he'll be just fine, and I'll will, too. (Some of you may remember me sharing about the tears and the emotional breakdown in the grocery store at the freezer case last August!) :)

Today has been nice. As I've been trying to work, he's packing and preparing. But at one point, he called me in to trim his sideburns and shave the back of his neck. Well, something happened, and I cut a big notch in his sideburn! Oh, my. I died laughing, which scared him. He was afraid I had shaved the whole thing off. (I kindly informed him that if I had done something terrible, I would have made an horrified face, not laughed. ) So he now has nice even but fairly short sideburns!

He's had his revenge, though. A few minutes ago I was listening to a workshop on my computer using my iPod ear buds. I've had such a hard time using them. They always hurt my ears. So I was sitting here, twisting and shoving them, trying to hear better and to stop my ears from aching. All of a sudden, my son, who happened to look at me (probably because I was groaning and griping), about fell off the couch laughing. Apparently I had been putting my ear buds in wrong! I had them sticking out instead of straight up and down. So yay!! Now they don't hurt. But I sure do feel silly. Especially since he keeps laughing about it and having a little too much fun describing how ridiculous they looked. :)

Tonight we're having a special family dinner. Then we'll load the car for what's now become an annual trek back to campus. Only this year, mom and dad aren't needed for the move. We'll be waving him off from the front porch. And maybe I won't cry this time.



bigguysmama said...

How did your day go today sending your son off? I hope you are doing well. did you cry when he took off? I'm watching home movies from when Brie was born and just letting them play as we get her packed for her 1st year.

I went and got Subway for the 2 of us. A special dinner would've been nice. Wish I would've thought of that. :(

Take it easy during this yearly transition!


Missy Tippens said...

Hey, Mimi. Subway for just the two of you IS a special dinner! I'm sure she enjoyed it. Besides, I was so distracted, I forgot the sweet potatoes! So we only had the meat, bread and fried okra. LOL

Today was a tough day. I waved him off just fine with a smile on my face, but started bawling as soon as I walked inside. I calmed down while I did the dishes. Then I blubbered again when I saw his empty room with the light still on.

But I'm doing better tonight. I think I'm going to call him to see how he did getting settled today. (I do know he got there safely but have only briefly texted.)

I don't know how you did the home movies!! Oh, my. That would push me over the edge today. :)

I hope you do okay tomorrow. Hang in there, and I'll be praying for you.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I'm guessing you're still going to cry. I know I would! It's difficult letting them go. My oldest has spent six weeks away at camp this summer as a CIT. I'm not looking forward to when she goes off to university!

Missy Tippens said...

Wow, Eileen, 6 weeks away would be tough! That's nearly the whole summer. I guess it'll help you prepare!

I've been much better today. No tears. :)