Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Changes All Around

Lots of changes around here right now. My two youngest are back to school, one of them now a big freshman in high school. My oldest just returned from a mission trip in Kenya and will be heading back to college in 10 days. I'm starting a new medication for acid reflux and so far, praise God!, I've had no more heartburn or esophageal spasms (no more thinking I'm having a heart attack!). :) My husband's celebrating the fact that football season has now officially started with the first preseason game the other night (although that means it's his season to control the remote control once again. Bummer.)

And we're definitely in the dog days of summer. When I picked up my daughter yesterday at 5:30 pm, it was still 95 degrees and miserable.

I've also been brainstorming new books ideas. I pulled out a file that I've been keeping for years for when an idea hits me. It often happens while I'm watching a show on TV or after going out to eat and overhearing a conversation. Newspaper articles and TV news also give me ideas. And dreams. So when I pulled out that file I've labeled "Book Ideas," it was fun to open each document and read some of the crazy things I've jotted down. :) Needless to say, some of them will never be used. But it's still fun to read them every now and then. And it spurs my creativity.
What changes are going on around your household right now?


Project Journal said...

We're all getting ready to go back to school. It's only my mom, sis, and I. Mom's a teacher so literally all of us are.
We've been to 6 college campuses this week already. It's getting to be that time and I'm tired of it already!
I'm still getting used to what will be another more than a month period of having only one hand.
My grandparents are both turning 83!
My dad's having back problems again. He had back surgery a while back, but it has given him no relief. He has an IV in full time and is on a 6 week antibiotics plan now. Plus he has to wear a back brace.
I agree there are lots of changes. It never gets any easier though unfortuately!

MaryC said...

Missy, I had a similar experience when I was cleaning a closet the other day. I found a whole shopping bag full of my notes for future stories. What fun to read through them and ponder the possibilities.

(((((Hannah)))) Hope things look up for everyone.