Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Passion Denied by Julie Lessman--Review

I'm at the FAITH blog today with a review of Julie Lessman's newest book, A Passion Denied! It loved the book. Come read what I have to say about it. And remember that a few weeks ago, I posted an excerpt. So come read the review, then check out the excerpt again!

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Alli said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love this book!! It is AMAZING!!! There are so many twists and turns - and so much romance and passion - and the HUMOR!! - OH MY GOODNESS!!! You will laugh, cry (or bawl in my case), grieve, love, and just basically LIVE LIFE with these characters!!! Julie Lessman is my new all-time favorite author, and all 3 of her books in the Daughters of Boston series are MUST HAVE'S for any Christian fiction lover's shelf!! I will definitely be reading them over and over!!! Trust me!!! You will not be disappointed!!! And a side note – I am also BLOWN AWAY by Julie herself!! She not only an author who takes the time to actually READ her fan emails – but she actually RESPONDS to them…usually right away (like in the same day – sometimes the same hour!!) She GENUINELY CARES and LOVES her readers!!!! She is truly a cut above the rest!!!!!