Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So sorry I've been AWOL! I've been working on a new proposal, trying to polish and finish up the synopsis. And my parents and sister have come to town for Father's Day, so we've been doing fun things during the day.

Today we visited a quilting shop, bead shop and yarn shop in Watkinsville. You can tell what my sister loves best! :) And I actually had a great time. Mindy brought me a cute pin she'd quilted (see photo), and I bought supplies to make some pins myself. I'm hoping to offer them as blog prizes. So maybe by the next book release in November, I'll have some made!

And speaking of new releases... Don't forget to check out my blog tour schedule on the right. Come visit and say hello!


Project Journal said...

That's so cool that you've been working on a new book proposal! I think that when a new book(of yours that is) comes out, I will be first in line to buy it! I really like your writing style.
I enjoy reading your blog very much!

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks, Hannah! I really appreciate that.