Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots Going On This Week! You can win books!

On one of my group blogs, we have a review of DiAnn Mills book, Breach of Trust (and it sounds so exciting!) and will be giving away a copy in a drawing from those who leave a comment. So head over to Tuesday's post on the F.A.I.T.H. blog:

Also, I'm posting today on the Love Inspired Authors blog. Come help me solve a mystery! Anyone who helps me identify the roses (and you don't have to get it right, just give your best opinion) will be entered in a drawing to win an early copy of my June release, His Forever Love!! So come on by.

May 1 is the start of Brenda Novak's auction for diabetes research!! So please stop by and bid on my item! I have a bundle of autographed Seekerville blogger books that the authors have donated.

This Saturday, I'll be hosting a table and signing my first book, Her Unlikely Family, at the Heart of Dixie Reader's Luncheon in Huntsville, Alabama. I look forward to meeting readers. If you've signed up to go, please find me and say hello!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home from Spring Break and Catching Up

We're home from a great trip to Kentucky to visit with my parents! It was the kids' spring break (a late one!). While we were there, my dad had surgery that went well. So that's a blessing. Please keep him in your prayers, though. He has to repeat the procedure in a couple of weeks.

I'm finishing up line edits on my November book, A Forever Christmas. This is the point where my editor has gone over the manuscript with a fine-tooth comb and recommended changes and corrected mistakes and typos. I'm on the last two pages, then will mail it off on Monday!

Oh, and also, I got a peek at the cover. I absolutely LOVE it!! I can't wait until it's in its final form so I can share it with you. That'll probably be in September. Until then, I keep pulling it up on my computer and staring at it, sighing, driving my family crazy as I brag on it. :)

As soon as I mail this book off, I can get back to my new proposal. I couldn't sleep last night and had an idea hit me. I had to get out of bed at midnight and type up my thoughts! I'm really excited about the story and hope to sell it eventually.

On a sad note, my daughter's hamster, Teddy, died last night. He was the sweetest little thing. We'll miss him.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

This and That

I'll be blogging on the F.A.I.T.H. blog on Thursday, April 16, about what I'm getting my husband for his birthday. :)

And I'll also be on the Craftie Ladies of Romance blog posting about renewal/refreshing spring.

I hope you'll stop by! Also, I'll soon be posting a listing for items I'm including in the Brenda Novak auction to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes. Once I put up that link, I hope you'll bid on the bundle of books I put together from Seekerville authors!


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Got to Hold My Book in My Hands!

I'm so excited! My author copies for my June Love Inspired book came in the mail today!! Book club subscribers (who get all four books) will be getting theirs in the April shipment. Then it'll go on sale online and at book stores on June 1.

You can even pre-order it right now! (see links to the right or click on the slide show of books).

Woo hoo! This made my day. :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Help in Haiti

I wanted to share an email I got from my friend, Cheryl. It's something I've heard of before but hadn't ever had anyone explain it to me. I thought the email was helpful! And such an easy way to help. If you have any questions about it, let me know and I'll ask Cheryl for you.


Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, I'm a supporter of Eternal Hope in Haiti, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) and Haiti NGO. As you can imagine in today's economy nonprofits are suffering as their supporters face hard economic times. The good news is that more than 900 of the top Internet retailers and travel sites including Amazon, eBay, Target, Apple, Expedia and more have joined forces with to donate part of every purchase to your favorite charity. Also Yahoo has teamed up with GoodShop's sister site,, to donate a penny to your cause every time you search the web. This is totally free as the money comes from advertisers. I hope you will join me in designating Eternal Hope in Haiti as your designated charity and using Good Search for searches and Good Shop or I Give for purchases. The searches work exactly the same, except money is donated by advertisers, and the purchases are at the same prices you would find from these retailers on-line, including sales!

It takes just a few seconds to go to, select your charity, and then click through to your favorite store and shop as usual. To give you a sense of how the money can add up, there are charities that have earned tens of thousands of dollars. Please tell 10 friends about GoodShop and GoodSearch today. They've been featured in the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Oprah Magazine and more, but if you feel uncomfortable in any way, please check them out. I certainly did before recommending those sites to you.

Each time you search or shop on-line and you designate Eternal Hope in Haiti as your charity, you will be helping to provide food, clothing and housing for 48 medically fragile orphan children in Haiti. Please check out the web-site to see the faces of the children you will be helping. If you had a chance to meet these children, I am sure you would fall in love with them as I did. In a time that every little bit helps, please make your internet experience a blessing for others.

In His Service,
Cheryl Kniffen