Sunday, February 08, 2009

Writing Retreat

I had a wonderful writing retreat this weekend with another Love Inspired author, Lynette Eason. We only live about two and half ours away from each other. So we dropped off our children at school, met halfway between our homes, got a wonderful hotel suite, and worked all day Friday through Saturday afternoon. It was great! And we even had some brainstorming time.

It's so nice to get away like that sometimes. Although we still had our cell phones, it's not like being at home where the phone rings for everyone else all the time. And though we had free Internet in the hotel, I tried to stay offline for the most part. And one of the best things is not having to cook! :) We went out for every meal and picked up bagels for breakfast. And the hotel kept coffee in the lobby around the clock. What more could writers want?? :)

We also discovered they have a wonderful indoor pool and hot tub. Next time, we'll take our swim suits!


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