Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009! Can you believe it's here? The older I get, the faster a year passes. I'm sure this year will be no exception.
What I wish for all of us this year:
Peace for those who are suffering. Peace in our world. Good health for all. Success in whatever form that may take. Love. A happy family. True friendship. The achievement of dreams. Hope. Comfort for those who are hurting. Fun and relaxation. Relief from stress. Security (job, financial and personal). Self-confidence. Love for others. Self-love. Generosity. A sense of purpose. God's presence. God's abundant blessings!
What do you wish for this year? What are some of your goals?


CatMom said...

Happy New Year Missy!! Your wishes are great, and I agree. ~ On a personal note I am striving this year to be a better steward of my time (with the Lord's help of course!) and to lean completely on Him so I will stop being such a worrier. As a Christian I know He is always in control, but my human side often frets about situations. I need to TRUST that the Lord always has His sheltering arms around me and I don't need to worry. ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :)

Missy Tippens said...

Patti Jo, I totally relate. I'm a big worrier, too. It's always a struggle for me to let go of things.

Maybe we can both do better this year!