Saturday, December 06, 2008

Steal that Christmas Ornament!

This is the season of Christmas parties and events. This past week, I got together with several friends for our annual ornament exchange and dinner. We always have such a fun time. And when it gets down to the ornament exchange, we draw numbers. We go in order, and when it's your turn, you can either pick a gift under the tree or "steal" from someone else whose ornament you've been coveting. :) I guess I should be ashamed to say that I've kind of got a reputation. I'm one of the ones who isn't afraid to steal that perfect ornament! And one of my friends, Amy, isn't afraid either. We can both get, shall we say, competitive. Of course, there's strategy involved, because once an ornament has been stolen three times, it can't be taken again.

Even with just 10 people there this year, I bet we took an hour to get through the exchange. And this year, I was the victim! (Maybe payback time??) I lost the first 3 or 4 ornaments I opened! But I had the best number. Number 1. I got to go first--and then once again, last! So I got my favorite ornament back from the thief who had taken it from me (pictured here--a glittery elf shoe). :)

If you've never tried this game before, I hope you will! It's such a hoot. And it can be even more fun with white elephant gifts, which we do at our church staff Christmas party each year. So more to come on that party in the upcoming weeks... :)
What party games do you enjoy at Christmas?



bigguysmama said...

This sounds like a terrific idea. Don't know if I'll be able to implement it this year, but I think it's fantastic! :) Thanks for sharing. It's fun to see your aggresive side. ;)

In Him,
Mimi B

Missy Tippens said...

Yes, I definitely have a competetive streak that not many people get to see. :) I probably shouldn't admit it here. LOL

You'll have to try the game next year, Mimi. My son just did it at a party last night with white elephant gifts. He ended up with some old fireworks. But he had several things that got stolen from him: shelf brackets, bath and body products, and I saw a toy dump truck in photos but don't know if he ever got that one. :)

My former Sunday school class used to do this every Christmas and an old bowling ball kept getting brought back and passed around year after year. :) The church staff party has a coconut carved into a monkey that keeps getting brought back. LOL


Angela Breidenbach said...

Well, while you're at it, come steal the butterfly photo for your new award. See the rules and play by accepting your Butterfly award from me.

CatMom said...

Hey Missy! Your elf shoe ornament is cute! ~ This Saturday evening I am once again hosting our Sunday School Christmas party at my house (I love having it) and a highlight every year is doing a "white elephant gift swap" - - we laugh so hard and it's sooo much fun!! And it's funny because every year we see some of the same "gifts" repeating in the swap - LOL!! Blessings, Patti Jo :)

Missy Tippens said...

Patti Jo,

We laugh a lot, too! It's so fun. Maybe we should do it more often, not just for Christmas. :)

Missy Tippens said...

Thank you, Angie! I don't think I ever answered.