Monday, May 05, 2008

New Book Blurb

I've had a few people ask what the newly-contracted book is about. Here's a blurb I used at the beginning of my synopsis. I'm hoping the editors and Marketing Department will improve on it. They did an amazing job for the back cover copy and also for a shorter blurb that was used to distributors on Her Unlikely Family.

Forever Home (working title)

Bill wants to move his feeble granny into his Boston home and find the sense of family he’s been missing. Lindsay intends to convince him that his granny is perfectly capable of staying in Magnolia, Georgia, where she and Granny are running a community center together.
While the two face off, Bill’s high school crush on Lindsay returns with a vengeance. He’s afraid he’s falling in love once again. But is she willing to open her wounded heart to the friend who once deserted her?

I have a deadline once again! I'll get a revision letter in a couple of weeks. Then the revised book will be due July 25. I'm excited to be working on deadline again! :)

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squiresj said...

Enjoyed the blog. I am going to have to get your books. I found you on another website. God Bless your day and annoint you as you work on your book due in July.

Missy Tippens said...

Thank you, squiresj! I so appreciate your blessing.


Belinda Peterson said...

Yeah! Missy has a deadline. Missy has a deadline!!!
You've gotta love those words.

Missy Tippens said...

I do love those words, Lindi!! I'm so thankful for them that I don't feel pressured at all. :)