Friday, May 30, 2008

Graduation is Looming

My oldest will be graduating a week from today. I still can't believe the time is here. It seems like just yesterday I was following him into the school for his first day of kindergarten (I followed because he refused to let me go--wanted to do it all by himself. Then I got caught, and he told me to go away! LOL Yes, he's always been very independent.)

The last couple of weeks have been a blur. And I've just got to brag! First, we had the spring sports banquet where he received a special memorial tennis scholarship. And then there was Honor's Night where the honor students received recognition. He was also recognized by a local bank awarding those students who scored high on the SAT/ACT (he was thrilled with the $100 in an envelope, a complete surprise!). And then there was the tennis banquet where they showed a slide show and gave out individual awards (he was named MVP!).

Wednesday night was the Baccalaureate service. Such beautiful prayers and songs celebrating all these students and all they have to look forward to. All they'll contribute to their communities in the future. And oh boy, the tears started there.

The tears hit again last night as they had Senior Night. It was time to receive their yearbooks and to announce student-voted awards. My son was honored by his fellow students, and I was so proud of him. They also showed a video the yearbook staff had put together from yearbook photos. They did such a great job on it, and of course I cried. The kids had a blast and cheered through most of the night. Once the ceremony part was over, I left him signing yearbooks and hanging out.

Now the next event will be graduation itself. Family in town. Cap and gown. Speech. Photos. Once again, I'm sure it'll be a blur. And I hope I can keep from sobbing. I'll try my best to discreetly wipe my tears when they hit. I don't want to be a downer on his big night. I want him to see how excited I am for him and to know how proud I am.

You know, night before last he was up late finishing up an assignment. He asked me to proof it for him (my job for the last few years). When we were done and had printed, he said, "You know, that's the last project you'll help me with in high school." And then last last night as he let me read his graduation speech, he said, "Well, tomorrow's my last day of high school."

I think he's as surprised as I am that it's really here. And I think he feels torn. Torn between the past and the future. At some point this summer, he'll have to start making that break and will prepare to move 6 hours away to go to college.

And it's surreal. Like I said, I still remember a kindergartner marching off to prove to me he knows exactly where he's going. I can only hope he'll be that self-assured in August so maybe it'll make it a little easier for me to let go. I won't be able to tag along and follow him this time. :) I'll have to trust that he's going to be okay.

And I know he will be. We've raised him for that day. And God has prepared him. He'll be more than okay. I'm sure he'll thrive, and then we'll get to watch as he becomes the man God has planned for him to be.

Thanks for sticking with me this long and for indulging me. I could use your prayers over the next weeks!


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Belinda Peterson said...

great post. It'll all be well. I'm sure you'll be surprised at how you're going to feel good more than sad. (Now when Michelle graduates, well.....)But for now, this is a great time. A time of change, but it's good.