Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The NFL Draft

Sigh. The title says it all.

Our TV blasted out the draft all weekend, and I'm glad it's over! It never ceases to amaze me that my husband can watch the whole crazy thing! I mean, come on, I can tolerate a nice boring golf game--it's great for background noise for a nap. And nothing's better than the sounds of baseball as a relaxing backdrop to other activities. My favorite is to watch an exciting football game, and I even enjoy the post game shows (so sad to see Inside the NFL go).

But the draft??

Well, at least it's only a couple of days a year (plus a few days of previews leading up to it). I guess I can live through it. Especially when hubby is so happy with the draft for the Atlanta Falcons this year--we got the quarterback! He once again has hope for the upcoming season. (Of course, he's a die-hard fan and would somehow manage to dredge up some hope anyway.) Maybe the look of joy on his face for the first time since early February is worth the hours of draft talk droning on and on.

And who knows, maybe next year the Falcons won't earn such an early draft pick. We can only hope!

Missy--who thinks the ultimate worst is pro basketball!

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