Monday, April 07, 2008

A Good Cup of Coffee.... ahhhhh.

I've been on vacation this past week (spring break for the kids) and just had my first cup of decent coffee in a week. Ahhhh. What a joy to be back to my particular blend of beans (a mix of Starbucks Sumatra and African blend) and my favorite creamer (Irish Cream flavor).

We spent the first part of the week in Gatlinburg, TN. We've stayed many times at this wonderful little motel right on the river where they bring homemade doughnuts to your room in the morning--yum! But the coffee is like coffee-flavored water. I guess I should have walked to Starbucks each morning, but hey, I was having breakfast in my p.j.'s and didn't want to get out in the cold. :) So I suffered through.

Then the second leg of our trip we spent at my husband's parents' farm. They're on well water, and it has tons of minerals. It tastes a bit rusty, and even with my own coffee beans, it was awful. Again, I probably should have gone to Starbucks or to buy bottled water. But while we're there, we tend to act as if we're in the middle of the wilderness--fishing and hanging out in a 100-year-old farm house.

So this morning, as I sipped that first yummy sip, I groaned in ecstasy. There's no place like home.

What's your favorite way to do coffee? Or are you a hot tea drinker? Also, don't forget to take my poll over to the right!



squiresj said...

Starbucks is good even in a cold blend and I always hated cold coffee. But last week I had one, now I'll have to have more.
I am an avid coffee drinker. However I am on well water so struggle with the lime (which is why you hate the water). I run mine through a filter but still cannot get rid of all the lime taste. Nothing like a good cup of coffee.
I love carmel flavored creamers in mine. I love to get caramel praline cappuccino at convenient stores.
God Bless.

Myra Johnson said...

I've become a morning tea drinker. I drop one Earl Gray, one green, and one ginger teabag into a thermal carafe and add a few shakes of Splenda and boiling water.

Yep, there's something about country water that just murders the taste of a good cup of coffee (or tea).

Missy Tippens said...

Squiresj, I just bought a new Mr. Coffee coffee pot (my old one's auto-off switch broke so I came home to a smoking pot and horrible scorched smell!). It came with a carbon filter to place over the coffee grounds. It adds an additional filter for me since I filter my tap water with a Pur on the faucet. It's been nice. The main complaint I have about our water is the chlorine I taste on occasion.

Myra, your tea blend sounds yummy! I love tea, too, but rarely take the time to make it. I've got a nice new batch I got from a tea company Camy recommended that I haven't tried yet. I'm sure it's healthier than coffee! :) I also do the Splenda thing--3 packs in addition to my sweet creamer! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Ausjenny said...

ok dont kick me out but i dont like coffee.
but i dont like well water either.
we have rain water collected from the roof and into a rainwater tank.
but we also have a filter jug.
we have bore water ands got lots of minerals and no way would we drink it.
Oh Missy im at about page 114 of your book and I love it.

Missy Tippens said...

Don't feel bad about the coffee, Jenny. I actually drink waaay more Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke than I do coffee. :)

I'm so glad you're enjoying my book. I just read your update on the ACFW book club link on your mom, so I hope the story cheers you up. Hang in there.


Carole said...

Gatlinburg is a wonderful place to visit, and that motel on the river - not to mention the doughnuts - sounds great!

Last year I bought a Tassimo machine and I love it. Each morning I have a regular cappuccino, and a decaf cappuccino at night.

Missy Tippens said...

Carole, thanks for stopping by. I almost bought one of those machines but saw mixed reviews. I'm glad to hear it makes good cappuccino! I may have to ask for one for Christmas. :)


Jane said...

OK, I am really into my coffee. Ours is from Venezuela. It is FABULOUS! We drink it 'con leche' but I can't fix it just like they do, so we use Sweet-n-Low and Coffee Mate. But it is SOOOOOO good. My favorite part is that it is naturally low in caffeine and I can drink it any time of day!

Belinda Peterson said...

You know how I like my coffee. First thing in the a.m.! Cream and sugar. More cream than sugar.
I'm glad you had a great time, but I'm also glad your back home.
Missed you!

Missy Tippens said...

Jane, do you bring it back from visits there, or do you order it somehow? I love a bold or extra-bold roast. My coffee is "strong enough to walk" as my mom would say. :) Of course, then I add about 1/4 flavored creamer. LOL

Hey, lindi! It's good to be back.

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!