Friday, March 07, 2008

The End!!!!!!!!

I just typed The End!!! This is a re-write of a book I finished in November. I ended up using the same characters but changed the story a good bit. I think I re-used maybe 5 or 6 scenes. The rest is all new!


It turned out 67,ooo words! And Love Inspired books need to be 55-60k. So I'm going to be doing some major cutting as I revise. I feel sure it won't be too hard. I remember some scenes at the beginning where I was kind of spinning my wheels trying to figure out where the story was going. I'm sure they'll come out easily. I also know I'll need to change the beginning a bit so that then ending will reflect the beginning--to give that circular feel. So I can cut some from the opening.

I'm so excited. I have been going at a snail's pace the past two or three weeks trying to figure out how it would end. Then yesterday, it finally hit me. Thank you, God!

Have you typed The End lately? If you've finished reading a book lately, would you share what you liked about the ending?

Missy--who sent off the taxes and finished a book in the same day. :)


Ausjenny said...

congrats on finishing the book.

i have finished 2 books in the past week.
on was a good ending a happy ever after one
the other book was a total suprise.
it was a romance book and ended in a great way but it wasn't driving of in the sunset. the heroine is flying of to something for herself first with the hero waiting for her for the year.
I dont want to give away the story or which book cos the ending really suprised me which made it even better.
Im now reading Only Uni.

Belinda Peterson said...

Congrats to Missy! I"m driving forward on mine.....don't know when I'll type the end, but I'm changing my meter on my blog whenever I work on it.

I can't wait to read the "new" version!!

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks, Jenny and Lindi! Thanks for celebrating with me. :)