Thursday, February 07, 2008

Come Meet Lynette Eason!

I'm so pleased to welcome my friend, Lynette Eason, here today. She and I sold our first Love Inspired books one week apart so are both holding blog tours right now. Today we're doing a blog swap! Please be sure to leave a comment with your contact info to have your name put in a drawing for a copy of Lethal Deception!

Missy: I can't wait to read your book!

Lynette: Thanks! I found yours in WalMart yesterday and bought it!

M: Can you give us the cover blurb?

L: Who wanted her DEAD? Having rescued Cassidy McKnight from kidnappers in South America, Gabriel Sinclair thought his job was done. Not that the former NAVY SEAL could ever forget the brave, beautiful single mother. But when the danger followed her home, Gabe promised to protect her. Why anyone would want to kill Cassidy was a mystery. Was the motive related to the orphaned toddler Cassidy was raising, a sweet little girl who brought out the father figure in maverick Gabe? Or did a newly revealed family secret have killer consequences?

M: It sounds so good! I know from hearing your other book ideas that you have great suspense threads through your plot (such a scary, devious mind!). Since I assume you live a pretty calm, normal life, how do those ideas come to you?

L: CALM? NORMAL? What’s that? No, I live a pretty ordinary life it there is such a thing. I get my ideas from everywhere. A TV show, a newspaper article, something my kid says (scary, I know), etc. I just try to pay attention and if something catches my writer sense, I try to make a one liner out of it. For example, with Lethal Deception, I was in the DMV waiting my turn, waiting, and waiting, and I thought to myself, this place is a jungle! Then my imagination took over and the little two-year-old screaming her head off in front of me became the daughter of a missionary couple who’d been killed while in Brazil. She was at an orphanage waiting for her guardian, Cassidy McKnight, to come and pick her up. But then…and I just went on with that scenario.

M: Oh, wow! That's so cool that the idea came while standing in line. It seems that with writing suspense you'd have to be a plotter. How extensive is your plotting, or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?

L: Um, both. Is that possible? As a great writer friend of mine said, “I just throw things up against the wall and see what sticks. I use that and throw the rest away.” I do that a lot, then I sit down and write out a 6-8 page synopsis and see if I can actually turn it into a story, then I start the first chapter.

M: Is it hard to work in writing time while homeschooling your children?

L: Yes, it is, but homeschooling is something that I felt was the right thing to do for various reasons this year. We are looking into possibly sending them to a Christian school, especially if I keep selling and getting contracts. But they go to an afterschool karate place two days a week, so that gives me a few hours to write.

M: What's one thing most people wouldn't know about you?

L: MOST people would be surprised to learn that I’m very hard of hearing. I wear hearing aids! When I have the hearing aids on, most people wouldn’t notice a thing, when I take them off, I’m DEAF!

M: Yes, I do remember that you managed to sleep through the laughing and talking of us night owls on our writers retreat. :)

Can you tell us what it was like when you got The Call?

L: Surreal! I was at work and Krista called me to tell me they wanted to buy my book. Wow, it was absolutely unreal.

M: How long did you write before getting that call?

L: About 8 years.

M: You're writing romance, so readers might be curious to know what you would consider a really romantic date. What's your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day? (And maybe I'll share this with your hubby!)

L: An entire night alone with my computer???


L: Um no, no, I’m just kidding. Ha. Seriously, If he were to get this REALLY nice hotel with room service and a spa that has in-room massages for couples and then a pedicure, a manicure and another massage focusing on carpal tunnel wrists. THEN, just wandering down the street of some historical town, window shopping, spending time together talking, etc. But I’m easy to please and will just settle for a dinner out and a movie. And it doesn’t even have to be out. Build a fire in the fireplace, cook me a pizza, put in a good movie and I’m a happy girl. I’m sooooooo NOT romantic. That’s just sad, isn’t it? HE’S the romantic one…ha.

M: My hubby is the romantic one, also. Hmm. What does that say about us? :)

Thanks so much for being here today, Lynette!

L: Thanks so much for doing this, Missy! You’re the best.


Debby Giusti said...

Hi Lynette,
Your book sounds great! I'll head to the bookstore tomorrow to get a copy! Congrats on your success!

Missy, I love your blogsite! And your book! Thanks for having Lynette on today.

All the best!

Missy Tippens said...

Hey, Debby! Thanks for stopping by!


Lynette Eason said...

Hey Debby, Thanks for coming by. I appreciate it! Lynette

Journal for One said...

Hi Missy & Lynette, Great interview! I LOL'd at your description, Lynette, of a really romantic evening: a night alone with your computer! How many of us would agree? I would. :)

Writing Blessings,
Catherine Terry

lilac grandma said...

I would be honored to win Lynette's book. Thanks for the chance,Missy. Blessings, Melody msproule1225@gmaildotcom