Thursday, January 03, 2008

I've been tagged!

Myra Johnson tagged me to tell 8 random things about myself. Be sure to check hers out, too. She tells of one terribly traumatic event--at least I assume it was traumatic!

So here goes:
1. My husband and I each get to "own" the remote control for half the year. His time starts with the pro football pre-season and goes through the Pro Bowl. I get control of the remote the rest of the year. I can't wait til it's my turn again!! I'm so sick of football.

2. I love Taco Bell taquitos.

3. I always order a cheeseburger kids meal at McDonald's.

3. Okay, I'll vary from the food pattern. My cholesterol level is 169. (I just had it tested.)

4. I was a baton twirler in high school and we wore white go-go boots!

5. My first car was a blue Honda Civic hatchback--one of the really tiny ones. I think it was probably a 1977 or 78 model.

6. I was in Bye-Bye Birdie in junior high. I played the Ann Margaret part.

7. Okay, enough going down memory lane. Let's see... Something more recent... When I turned 40, my husband and the church staff came to pick me up in the local retirement home limo to take me out for lunch. They brought a wheelchair, Depends, and several meds that seniors tend to use (you can imagine). I fell flat out on the porch laughing so hard that I was crying. It was one of my most fun birthdays.

8. My Christmas tree is still up! (And I usually take it down on the 1st.)

Okay. I'm going to pick on a couple of people and tag them...
Lindi Peterson and Jane at the Cozy Reader. I hope they'll play!


Belinda Peterson said...

I've done my tagging part! Go check it out for info on the baton twirling!

Myra Johnson said...

Thanks for playing, Missy! I'm trying to picture you in white go-go boots. I just HAD to have a pair of those in high school, only my mommy bought the cheap kind that didn't quite look like the real thing. Later I got some Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader knee-high white boots. I was HOT STUFF! (Once upon a time, and definitely post-high-school.)

Danica/Dream said...

Missy, so glad you stopped by! Love the cover!

Jane said...

Missy, I am SOOOOO sorry. I just discovered you had tagged me. I will be happy to play!

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks for stopping by Danica! And Jane, don't worry. It's fun to play whenever you get it. :)

Myra, I bet you were hot stuff! :) Do you have any photos you care to share?? LOL

Lindi, we need to get together to twirl sometime. :)