Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm on Camy Tang's Blog Wednesday!

Please stop by Camy's blog on Wednesday to say hi, and to see my silly self-timed photo (in front of our Christmas tree). It must have taken me twenty-five takes to get the shot! So if I look a little strained, you'll know why. :)

Camy has been featuring The 12 Authors of Christmas. So while you're there, check out the previous posts. It's been so fun to read about the different Christmas traditions and to see the photos. So far, she's interviewed Cheryl Wyatt, Julie Lessman, Janet Dean and Robin Caroll. Come see what Christmas means to each of them--and to me!

Also, upcoming authors on Camy's blog:
December 13 – Elizabeth Musser
December 14 – MaryLu Tyndall
December 17 – Susan May Warren
December 18 – Christine Lynxwiler
December 19 – Tracey Bateman
December 20 – Mary Connealy
December 21 – Debby Giusti and Veronica Heley (bonus)

Camy's Loft.


Jane said...

I will check it out!
I have plugged your book on my blog and I have pre-ordered my copy!!

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks so much, Jane! I'll hop over there right now. :)