Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We've had a big day here in the Tippens household. Lots of loving, thoughtful gifts, time spent together, and way too much good food. After opening gifts this morning, I made our traditional breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy. (I did have a small gravy disaster but am too embarrassed to tell it here! :))

After cleaning up, I took a looong nap. Then I installed our new router and got our home network running again! I've been tied to sharing a computer with the kids for months and can now get online on my laptop again. Hallelujah!

This evening we had our Christmas dinner (roast beef, mashed potatoes, broccoli and rolls). But this year we ate in front of the television and watched Hairspray (the DVD was a gift for the family from Santa). It was really cute! Except I got tired of John Travolta's weird accent. :)

What about you? What are some of your Christmas traditions?

I wish you all a happy 2008!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Posting on F.A.I.T.H. Thursday

Please drop by the F.A.I.T.H. blog on Thursday the 20th. I'm going to share a poem my daughter wrote.

Yes, I'm a proud mama. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm on Camy Tang's Blog Wednesday!

Please stop by Camy's blog on Wednesday to say hi, and to see my silly self-timed photo (in front of our Christmas tree). It must have taken me twenty-five takes to get the shot! So if I look a little strained, you'll know why. :)

Camy has been featuring The 12 Authors of Christmas. So while you're there, check out the previous posts. It's been so fun to read about the different Christmas traditions and to see the photos. So far, she's interviewed Cheryl Wyatt, Julie Lessman, Janet Dean and Robin Caroll. Come see what Christmas means to each of them--and to me!

Also, upcoming authors on Camy's blog:
December 13 – Elizabeth Musser
December 14 – MaryLu Tyndall
December 17 – Susan May Warren
December 18 – Christine Lynxwiler
December 19 – Tracey Bateman
December 20 – Mary Connealy
December 21 – Debby Giusti and Veronica Heley (bonus)

Camy's Loft.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Dream Come True!!

A box was delivered today. I waved at the UPS man dressed all in brown as he climbed back in his truck. Then I looked down to see what I had ordered that I had forgotten about. You see, I knew I had received all the Christmas gifts I had ordered. Could it be from someone else? Maybe a birthday gift for my son?

When I looked at the package, I immediately noticed the Harlequin symbol printed on the box. I KNEW what it was! I rushed inside and slapped the package on the kitchen counter. As I dug for the scissors, I noticed that my name and title were printed on the outside of the box! Oh my goodness, it was for real. My book was really published. I was grinning from ear to ear as I slit open the tape and peeled back the folds of the box.

And there, nicely snuggled in alternating stacks, was my cover. Not just a flat image. But bound to a real book. Since the kitchen was a tad dark, I hurried over to flip on the light to see better. But before I reached the light switch, I started to cry. No, not merely cry. I began to sob. I had to put the book down so I wouldn't get it wet and ruin it. And it took me a couple of minutes to get a grip.

You see, I started writing in 1995 when we got our first computer. I took my first online how-to class from Brenda Hyatt sometime after that. Through her, I learned of RWA and joined around 1997. Then I heard about my local chapter from my husband's aunt and joined Georgia Romance Writers. At that first meeting, I was blown away to be around real published authors. I saw names I knew from the shelves in the library and book store! I could hardly make conversation because I was so awestruck, so nervous. But I knew I was in the right place. I want that, I thought, determined to do whatever it might take to make it happen.

Over the next ten years, I wrote 5 complete novels, joined a critique group, re-wrote the novels. Then re-wrote a couple of them again. I learned lots along the way. Sent off three of them and had them rejected. I pitched at a good many conferences, sent submissions to agents as well. And then finally, on January 30, 2007, I got THE CALL from Steeple Hill.

And now that baby that was written and re-written (then revised and re-revised...) is in my hand.

Thank you, God, for Your perfect timing! Thank You for this thrill, for this blessing!

And thank you to all of you who have helped me along this journey. Thanks for the encouragement when I needed it most. Thank you for research help and for answering questions. Thank you for great workshops, for critiques, for contest feedback, and for great books to read. Thank you also for friendship and for laughter. I couldn't be at this wonderful moment in my life without you.