Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Addiction: Guitar Hero

Oh, boy. I'm hooked! And my kids have created a monster who won't give up her spot at the PlayStation 2.

I started my own career today. I've made it up a couple of levels in the easy category. But the addiction all started with me trying to play Free Bird on the medium level. I tried and tried but just couldn't pass the song! The "fans" booed me and I got booted out every time. So I decided to start my own career to improve so I can get to the point where I can complete the classic. :)

This was a great refresher for my brain today as I was working on plotting the middle of my current book. My brain would get tired, so I would play a few songs until my hand would start cramping. My son even held a competition with me. He played Free Bird on expert, and I played on easy. If he won, I had to feed the dogs. If I won, he had to.

Well, my 12 year old beat me, even on the expert level. He's pretty amazing. Then he put in a cheat code that put the game on hyper speed, and his fingers were moving in such a blaze of speed (and the notes were flying by so fast on the screen) that I knew this aged body and brain of mine could never compete.

So for any of you out there who have kids with this game, it's time to own up to your own playing habits. Am I the only addict out there? LOL

Missy Skynard, I mean Tippens

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