Monday, June 18, 2007

It's all in the little things--A Father's Day tribute

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted! I'm so sorry. I've had children at home and have also had the end of my quarter at school so have been working many extra hours.

Today is a tribute to my dad for Father's Day. When I think of my dad, I remember all the little things that mean so much...

I remember walking to the cafeteria in first grade (my school was on the university campus and we ate in the cafeteria with the college students). Each day we marched in a line right past my dad's office building, and just about every day he would make it outside to wave at me. I was always so proud that he worked on campus.

I also remember that office more than most of the others he had over the years. I would sit at his desk and open the long, skinny drawer in the middle to play with paperclips and other "stuff".

I remember that he bought me the first perfume I ever had. It smelled like lemons. And it made me feel like such a lady. I felt so grownup and special.

I remember him dancing me across the floor with me standing on his feet. And I laughed so hard.

I remember him remodeling an attic room for my friends and me to hang out in junior high. He put in a stereo system that had quadraphonic sound and a little gear shift/joy stick that you could use to move the sound around the room's four speakers. :) We spent a lot of snow days out of school listening to Boston.

And later, I remember him helping me move in and out of the dorm in college since he volunteered to help at the girls' dorms.

I remember his yummy special pasta recipe that he baked in individual dishes whenever I took friends home from college. They started begging to go home with me every weekend!

I remember loving that he was on campus when I was there once again, well past first grade. His office was near all my classes so I could stop by if I needed, say, some cash. Or had locked my keys in the car (with the car running!). Things like that. :) (Poor Daddy!)

Now I get to see special things he does for my kids. And he and my mom are also helping a young mom in their church who is basically single (husband is in prison) and has 5 or 6 children.

All the things I remember made me feel loved and special. And it's being passed along to my children and others.

So thank you, Daddy! And Happy Father's Day.

Love, Missy

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...


It sounds like you have a very special dad. I hope he got a chance to read your blog.