Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tips on Working with an Editor

I received my line edits in the mail this week. Every step of this new process is so exciting!

For those who may not know (and I didn't) what this step entails, I received a copy of the manuscript with the editor's changes/corrections hand written in the pages and in the margins. Now I'll go through and answer questions or make additional changes she requested. There are items marked such as fixing timing of events that doesn't make sense, or following through with answering questions I've dropped hints about. Mainly, I'll be clarifying questions or problems the editor had on her read-through after my revisions. At this point, everything is pretty much minor. Ideally, all the larger problems were fixed in the revision process.

So this week I'll be doing my line edits. :) (That's so fun to say that!)

And speaking of working with an editor... I heard about an online class that is being offered that sounds great! Here's the info (with permission from Lyn to post):

TIPS ON PLEASING AN EDITOR ............................................Please come and join Lyn Cote at the from 21 May to 25 May as she gives us some pointers about how to please an editor. Lyn Cote's first Love Inspired was published in 1998. Since then she has worked on over 20 books with 18 editors at 5 houses. And can still walk and talk at the same time! And since she is contracted through 2010, she must have figured out how to please an editor or many editors! Get your questions ready and come and join us!

I hope to join Lyn in her class. Maybe I'll see you there!



Angela Breidenbach said...

Thank you so much for telling us about this. I hope that I will be in your shoes one day soon. I'm thrilled for you!

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks, Angie!

Check out Lyn's class. I read today's lesson (Monday), and it's great!


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I wish I'd had a chance to do Lyn's class. That would have been great. I'll check to see if Lyn's doing anything similar at the ACFW conference.


Jessica Burkhart said...

Line edits are fun (and sometimes daunting!) :) Good luck!