Friday, April 13, 2007

What I've Learned During Revisions (so far)

I'm almost done with revisions. I'm just waiting on a friend to read it through to check for typos and any inconsistencies. I can't wait to send it off, to know I've accomplished my first set of official revisions! (Of course, I hope it'll be accepted, too!)

What I've learned...

Make the reader wait for that first kiss. Keep the romantic tension going. Don't have the hero and heroine declare their love too soon, either! Otherwise, the reader may just put the book down, feeling satisfied that they got together. I've been working on pacing, on learning to keep the conflict going. I hope the the editors like the result!

I've also learned that I am capable of taking a book apart and putting it back together. If fact, I posted a blog on our group blog (F.A.I.T.H.) that I titled Putting Humpty Together Again. :) I had worried about doing this, because I'm such a linear writer. But I think I managed it pretty well. It took a copy of the manuscript on paper, a computer file for new scenes, and a file for pieces of scenes that I wanted to save to use in other spots in the story. Amazingly, it all fell together. In the process, I added about a thousand words, which isn't too bad.

And I've learned I can make a deadline! Of course, I've had lots of practice with contests. But that first publishing deadline is a scary thing. (I won't mention how messy the house got this week or the fact that the kids nearly ran out of clean underwear, or that we drove through McDonald's, and Taco Bell, and....) :)

My deadline is actually April 27, so I'm in good shape for printing and mailing. Thank you, Lord!



Christy LaShea Smith said...

This is really cool, being on your publishing journey with you. And thank you for sharing all you're learning. It's a wealth of knowledge for all of us newbies and not-so-newbie writers out there!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...


This has taught me as well. I thought your deadline would have been further than April 27th! I don't know why I thought this? I guess I had the idea of 3-4 months because the publication deadline is so far. Thanks for taking us on your journey.


Missy T said...

We can all learn together, Christy!

Jenn, the book actually goes to production in July. So that leaves a little wiggle room for any further revisions. :)

Thanks, ladies, for stopping by!