Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Popping In for a Minute

I'm busy with revisions! So I'm not keeping up well with my blog. I hope you'll stop by again later and won't give up on me. I'll be done with revisions soon and will be able to catch up.

For now, I'm writing and sneezing. Yes, the pollen is terrible here! The scale on the news at night goes to about 120. Our count yesterday was over 5000! I can actually feel it between my teeth like grit. And it looked hazy outside yesterday as the pollen blew around.

This was all new to me when I moved to Georgia 20 years ago. One day, I came out of the CDC, where I was taking classes, and found my car coated in yellow! I about flipped. I was afraid it was something dangerous coming out of one of the labs. :) But others nearby assured me it was normal-- pine pollen.

So I write and sneeze and wipe yellow dust off everything. Maybe by the time I write again, it'll rain and wash most of it away in big yellow puddles. :)


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