Sunday, March 18, 2007

Art Fact Sheets

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Now, on to my post.

Writing for Steeple Hill (Harlequin) has been a great experience. One of the opportunities I've had is to fill out what they call an Art Fact Sheet. For any unpublished writers reading this post, I thought I would tell you what information is on the sheet so you can think about it as you're writing your book. Other publishers have something similar, so it can be helpful to keep track of this information. I believe Camy Tang blogged about this after her sale to Zondervan. So check out her site as well.

Some of the information they want you to include on the sheet includes:

*Themes of the story

*Key emotion/mood trigger

*Story synopsis--very short, maybe 4-5 paragraphs (Ack! A writer's worst nightmare. :))

*A short questionnaire that includes these questions:
1) What is this book about (beyond plot description)? How would you describe it to your friends? What is the takeaway?
2) For the key relationship in this book, what is the turning point or climax? Please describe.
3) What are the overriding themes that run throughout – the bigger message?
4) What is the significance/inspiration for your title? Is it metaphorical or literal?
5) What interesting visual elements (either object or place) have great significance in this book?

*A basic character description for the two main characters (hero and heroine) which includes physical characteristics such as hair and eye color, age; occupation; then other items such as first love, a trait, other info you want to give.

*A section on the setting that includes: location, interesting visual elements, time of year/holiday/season

*Then a section for you to list 3 scene ideas that might make nice cover art. You'll answer some questions about a "moment in time" from your story that you might like to see illustrated on the cover of your book. These scenes can include people or not.

I hope you found this helpful. It was fun for me to fill out the fact sheet! Well, except for having to figure out that very short synopsis. :)

Oh, and another thing to consider is that they're willing to look at photos/pictures you might have collected of people that look like your characters or of the setting, etc.

Just for fun, what is the theme of your current WIP (work in progress)?



Mindy Obenhaus said...

So glad you posted this, Missy. Thanks. I only hope I get to use it some day.

The theme of my current WIP is acceptance. Realizing that God loves us no matter what.

Missy T said...

One of my themes is pretty much the same, Mindy. I tend to use that theme in most of my books--being loved for who we really are. (in the romance part), and realizing that God loves us (for the spiritual thread).

Thanks for stopping by!

Angela Breidenbach said...

My theme is gemstones. I think I'm revising my title yet again, lol. It's always been Insanity Rules, but the subtitle is now Gems of wisdom from tough places.

I think I'm going to look for photos of people in various phases of emotion to help me tell the personal stories. I'll go look at the sites you suggested for inspiration.


Missy Tippens said...

I love all your titles, Angie!

Thanks for stopping by.