Saturday, February 24, 2007

Learning the Hard Way

This isn't officially a tip that I'll include under the heading The Call. No, this is just a general tip I learned from doing things the hard way.

When you get a new computer, be very intentional about transferring ALL your files to the new computer, even if it's a laptop. When I got my first laptop, I only transferred the files I needed at the moment, thinking of it as a backup. However, I loved moving upstairs from my workspace (not so fondly known as The Dungeon) to working on the couch with my feet propped up. :) So I never really went back to my desktop at all. Also, my desktop was so old it had only a zip drive and floppy drive. The laptop had only USB, and I was using flash drives. My children did have an "in between" computer that had floppy and USB, so moving my files to the laptop was a 2-step process involving 3 computers.

Unfortunately, I didn't take the time to go through that pain to move the all the info. Now, when I've gone back to try to do so, my old computer is crashing. I can't open Word files. I may be able to go to a computer repair store and retrieve everything, but how much easier would it have been to take care of it as soon as I bought the laptop!?

So learn from me. Move every file you think you might ever need again. When I bought a new laptop for Christmas, I did that very thing. And next time, I'll probably use one of the online backup services to save myself a half-day of work.



Belinda said...

Thanks for all the tips, Missy.
These are very helpful.

Christy LaShea Smith said...

I'm sorry you've lost all that info. I learned the same lesson about a year ago. I've got this handy little "jump drive" I'm trying to use as a back up, too.
Thanks for the tip!

Angela Breidenbach said...

Excellent tip!