Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's The Inside That Counts

How many times have we heard that? It's what's on the inside that counts. Or beauty is only skin deep.

Well, I proved that this weekend. Not with my beautiful inner person, but with my cooking. :)

The only thing (besides cash, of course) that my son wanted for his birthday was a strawberry birthday cake with strawberry icing--the kind made with real strawberries. It's a recipe I've used before, but it's been ages (probably 2 years) since I made a homemade cake. I usually buy one at Publix (a grocery store here) or at Wal-Mart. So I got excited thinking about baking again.

I bought all the ingredients and got to work late Saturday morning. I baked two layers that came out a little sunken in the middle, but not too horrible looking. Then waited for them to cool. And waited. And waited. Impatient, I decided to see if I might loosen them from the pan a little. Well, the top of one layer started to rip as I turned it over and shook gently. So I put them back to cool some more. Once they felt totally cool, I whipped up the icing. Then I started the tedious process of removing those layers.

It was a disaster. They stuck EVERYWHERE. I went around the edges with a knife. I tapped the bottom. I tried every trick. But they were a mess once I got them out. Both layers came out in pieces.

Not one to get discouraged, I did a pretty good job of piecing everything together. I put a layer of icing between to help hold them together. But when I got done, it looked terribly lopsided. I started icing it anyway. Then by chance moved a pan out of my way and found a chunk of cake! Thrilled, I said, "Oh, there's a piece of the cake!"

Then it hit me how ridiculous that sounded! That's not something you usually hear come out of someones mouth! LOL

Well, while laughing hysterically, I slapped that chunk on the low side and continued to ice the cake. Unfortunately, the icing is very heavy, so the that chunk fell right off, followed by other smaller pieces. You get the picture.

My son came in the kitchen and simply said, "What happened to my cake?" And that sent me off into another fit of laughter.

To make this long story a little less long, I'll get to my point. It was a YUMMY cake. I think the problem is that I grabbed sliced strawberries (frozen) and never thought twice about it. They should have been chopped so they would stay suspended in the batter. Instead, they sank and stuck. No matter what, it still tasted divine. Ugly as sin. But very good. And I was reminded of my mom's saying.

We may need to lose a few (or a lot) of pounds, we may be getting gray, we may have wrinkles. And even if you younger folks don't have the gray or wrinkles, you may not like your nose, or may not like your smile, or your knees. But none of that really matters. What really counts is what's on the inside: How much we love other people. How much we love God. How kind we are. How generous we are.

My daughter (10 years old) took up for a little girl at school recently. A group of girls was making fun, talking behind another little girl's back, saying she was fat. My daughter told them she didn't think it was nice to talk behind her back. Those girls turned on my daughter, calling her a goody-two-shoes, etc. But I told her I'm proud of her, that she knew what was important, that she didn't fall into trying to fit into that little group of girls. She has learned what's important.

In fact, my children may have learned the lesson too well. I've used the phrase on them so much that now when I make them dress up for church, they say that it shouldn't matter. It's what's on the inside that counts. :)

Yeah, they're right.



Belinda Peterson said...

Great post, Missy. And so true. And I'm with your kids. (Don't let them read this) I've worn jeans to church the last two Sundays.....after all, Jesus went barefoot.
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missy T said...

Oh! I'm scandalized!! ;)

(Just kidding, you know.)