Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun Celebration!

I got THE ROSE today. The one that goes along with THE CALL. It was from my local RWA chapter, Georgia Romance Writers. We have a tradition of giving a rose to each member when she makes her first sale. Over the years I've celebrated with many of our members, and this time it was my turn.

What excitement! And my friend (who loves to hit the Godiva Boutique with me), the current president of GRW, Ann DeStefano, was the one to present it to me. That made it very special as well.

The members of GRW have been with me through this whole publishing journey. They've been very generous in all the help they've given along the way, and always the best at supporting me.

In addition to GRW, I've had so many others help me with my writing. The Faith, Hope, & Love Chapter, my critique group/partners, American Christian Fiction Writers, my local ACFW chapter--W.O.R.D., and my online support group--the Seekers. So many people to thank!

What about you? Who's been the greatest help or influence to you?



Belinda said...

I'm sorry I missed the celebration. GRW is a great organization--we are lucky to have them.

YOu've been instrumental to me just as Maureen and Meg. Also, the GRW folks and ACFW. Lot's of people.

What color was your rose??

Missy T said...

It was a beautiful coral color with greenery and baby's breath. :) Gorgeous!