Friday, February 02, 2007

Days 2 and 3

I started a label for posts that tell about my publishing journey. I thought I'd document some of what I'll be going through After the Call. (Yes, I think that'll be a new marker in my life, kind of like After Kids, or After Graduation, or After Weight Watchers.) :)

So what happens after the call?

Once I heard from both editors and we discussed contracts and titles, etc., I got to celebrate for about 24 hours. My husband brought home a rose, a congrats balloon and a card addressed to AUTHOR MISSY TIPPENS. How cool is that?! After the excitement of calling everyone to announce the sale (I don't think my mom believed me at first, and my own daughter thought I was going to say I'm pregnant!), I had a meal with my family and gabbed about my day. That night I answered about a hundred emails from well-wishers. What a great group of writing friends!

The 2nd day, more emails! And I got the excitement of joining some email loops such as the one for Love Inspired authors and for Harlequin/Silhouette authors. What a thrill to see so many names I've seen on the covers of books!

Then that afternoon I found an email with my Art Fact Sheet. What a great tool! I'll have the opportunity to fill it out with tons of information about my book, my characters, my setting, to help the art department design a cover. I'm so excited about doing it, but scared, too, because I know how important a cover is.

I'm supposed to send the art sheet in tomorrow (Friday), so I'm off to get back to setting info and possible titles. (Thank you to all my writing buddies who are helping me brainstorm!!) I'll check in again when I have something else to report.


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Mindy Obenhaus said...

Can't wait for more. I've got my notebook ready:-)