Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Confessions of a Newly Published Author

Okay, so the post title is a little overly dramatic. But I had to hook the reader! :)

I've planned to post information that I learn as I go through the publication of my first book. I'm going to list it under the label of After the Call. I'll offer any tidbits I learn along the way that might help other aspiring and newly contracted writers.

My first tip:

Be prepared for The Call! I took an online class years ago, my first ever writing class, with Brenda Hiatt. She made us repeat this mantra over and over: "That sounds great. I'd like to think about it and get back to you." (Something along those lines.) And I've remembered it all of these years.

But nothing ever actually prepares you for that call. Luckily, I didn't actually have to remember my mantra. My editor said it herself-- that she knew I needed time to consider it and could get back to her. She's probably learned by experience that first time authors aren't coherent enough to discuss specifics! LOL

So even though I was tempted to forget everything I had ever learned from Brenda and to say, "YES, YES, YES, and you don't even have to pay me!!" I didn't. ;) I took Brenda's (and my editor's) advice and told her I would call her back.

So, Tip #1 is Be Prepared! Put on your nerves of steel and don't accept any offer immediately. You need to calm down so you can think straight.

Stay tuned for Tip #2!


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