Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas day is almost over. And we all survived. :)

I hate to admit it, but Christmas has become quite a production. I guess it always has been. But as the kids get older, it seems to be more so. Not only do I have to find the toys they ask for, but now that they understand what's going on, I also have to make sure everything is even. Heaven forbid one pile of loot be bigger than another!

It's not that one of the kids would complain. But I think they do notice. And feelings could get hurt. Thus, Friday was my yearly day of climbing to the attic, pulling everything out of bags, and comparing the piles. And this year, my daughter's pile was lacking--especially when I took into account the dollars spent. So Saturday was spent running around town, deciding what else she needed that I could buy to even everything. Thank goodness for CVS drugstore and their supply of gift certificates to every store imaginable! And thank goodness for Wal-Mart.

I also had a huge relief on Saturday. Two of the items I had ordered finally arrived in the mail! One from E-bay. I had thought for sure I'd been ripped off, and nearly cried when the package arrived. It was one of my oldest son's main gifts. The US mail also came through for me on my younger son's gift. I had ordered it Thursday and paid an arm and a leg for shipping. I was so glad to see it!

After all the last-minute stress, everything turned out great. The only thing that went wrong today was that a new computer monitor turned out to be different from what I had thought I bought. So Tuesday will be a day of exchanging. But one item out of the many isn't too bad for this mom who had been a shopping maniac over the past week. Over all, I'd have to say all went well. Everyone was happy with their gifts (my husband and I included).

More than that, today was a great day for family time. We ate three meals together (how often does that happen?!), watched two episodes of Everyone Loves Raymond, and played Family Feud. Also, the kids played nicely together (for the most part, without fighting!).

I'm thankful for all God has given us. Our family has been blessed. And I'm thankful for all my friends--those of you who may be reading this. Most of all, I'm thankful for God coming to us through a little baby. And it's Jesus that we celebrate today.