Monday, November 27, 2006

Over 40, and Can't "Hang Out"!

I'm officially old. I'm not hip. At all.

My son just looked at my blog for the first time and after reading my heading (Come hang out with me...), he informed me that I'm over 40 so can't use phrases like that.

Excuse me?? I must not have heard him right, because, after all, I am ancient.

What's funny is that I would have felt the same way if I had (shudder) ever heard my mom say "groovy", or even "cool". I would have died of mortification had my friends heard her say anything so ridiculous.

So I'm torn. I can either look like an old fogey who's totally out of touch with recent lingo. Or I can look like a fool by trying to stay halfway up-to-date.

Hmmm. I wonder which would embarass him most in front of his friends? Isn't it a mother's duty to choose the most embarrassing path for her child? :)

Nah. I'll be nice. I'll leave my heading as it is. And maybe if his friends visit my blog, they'll brag to him how cool, how groovy his mom is.

Come visit again soon!
P.S. Visit Lindi's blog (link on my main page) and see her posing for a photo with David Crowder at a book signing! I love, love, LOVE his music!!

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