Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rejected, Double Rejected, then Rejected Again

From that title, can you tell how my writing life has been going over the last couple of weeks? :)

I got a form rejection from an editorial assistant which came in a package with my proposal. Then a week or so later, I got another rejection letter from the man on the same proposal! It was even more "form" than the first form letter, believe it or not. My friend, Mary, told me I better lock my doors. The guy might come and slap me in the face to make sure I got the message!! (Which made me laugh so hard I knew I was already over the disappointment.)

The worst part was that that the manuscript had been revised for another editor who ended up moving before I could revise and re-send. And I didn't delay. I revised pretty quickly. It's just the nature of the business. Editors move. Often.

Then I had another rejection this past week. An agent this time. It was such a nice letter, and came in a timely manner (less than a month). It was hard to be disappointed over that one. Of course, I was getting immune to the pain by that time. :)

Well, I'm marching ahead. I'm getting ready to send out the same proposal to an agent and an editor who requested it at RWA National. There's always hope! And I really liked these two ladies when I met with them. So keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that if God wants this book to sell, that He'll help me find the right home for it.

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Camy Tang said...

So sorry about the Rs, Missy! Keep up the good attitude! Trust in God's timing!

mindyo said...

It's been a month since you posted this. Any good news since then? I sure hope so. You deserve it. Don't we just wish God's timing was syncronized with ours? But in the end, it always turns out better when it's done His way. I'll be prayin'.
Mindy O

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I'm praying for you. Don't get discouraged. Your Season is out there waiting for you to walk right into it. Your trial reminds me of a Scripture I read this morning in Luke 8:15. So much of God's Word has been planted in you that your writing has to bear much fruit when the timing is right. Hold tight to the promises of God.