Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rejected, Double Rejected, then Rejected Again

From that title, can you tell how my writing life has been going over the last couple of weeks? :)

I got a form rejection from an editorial assistant which came in a package with my proposal. Then a week or so later, I got another rejection letter from the man on the same proposal! It was even more "form" than the first form letter, believe it or not. My friend, Mary, told me I better lock my doors. The guy might come and slap me in the face to make sure I got the message!! (Which made me laugh so hard I knew I was already over the disappointment.)

The worst part was that that the manuscript had been revised for another editor who ended up moving before I could revise and re-send. And I didn't delay. I revised pretty quickly. It's just the nature of the business. Editors move. Often.

Then I had another rejection this past week. An agent this time. It was such a nice letter, and came in a timely manner (less than a month). It was hard to be disappointed over that one. Of course, I was getting immune to the pain by that time. :)

Well, I'm marching ahead. I'm getting ready to send out the same proposal to an agent and an editor who requested it at RWA National. There's always hope! And I really liked these two ladies when I met with them. So keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that if God wants this book to sell, that He'll help me find the right home for it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Princess for a Night, Then Back to Reality

Well, the Golden Heart and RITA awards night was all that I had hoped it would be. I got to wear my new dress, new shoes (both great bargains) and new jewelry (on sale, but still cost more than the dress!). My local RWA chapter (Georgia Romance Writers) sent me a wrist corsage, and my husband made the trip to attend with me. I was able to sit with my buds Myra and Janet and their husbands, and was within feet of Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips--two legends in the world of romance writing. On the other side of my husband was the nicest editor and her Rita-nominated author! And not far behind me was the winner of our category, Leigh Bale. She was so sweet, and gave the best speech. (And Janet and I finally relaxed once we knew we didn't have to get on that stage in front of 2000 people!) All in all, I pretty much felt like a princess for the night.

Of course, even princesses have to eat! I had been too nervous to eat beforehand, so Lindi and I skipped dinner and held out for the dessert reception. Fruit and cake dipped in chocolate fountains served as an appetizer for the cold pizza Camy and Colleen had left for us in our room. :)

It was a great conference week. Of course, then I had to return from Marriott luxury to my home that needed cleaning. School began later that week, so we had hair to cut, shoes to buy and school supplies to hunt down (Yes, our Wal-mart ALWAYS sells out of the exact things we need.) After a last fling sleep over (we had 4 extra kids for a total of 7!), we settled into the school routine.

And speaking of routine.... I've set up my schedule for the next couple of months. Of course, today was thrown off my having to take my daughter for an X-ray of her foot. No broken bones, thank goodness! But I ended up grocery shopping late tonight instead of in the afternoon. (As a total aside, it was still 90 degrees at 10 pm when I left the grocery store!)

Okay, I'm off to see what I wrote today. I'm playing with a new book idea! And this is the best part of writing for me. :)