Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Moral of the Story (and other ramblings)

Well, I got on here to post about a rejection I got yesterday for a manucript proposal I sent out around April. But I just this moment decided I didn't want to rehash something that I've already bemoaned with friends through email and on the phone. :)

I will post my main point: the moral of the story is that you should always have at least two submissions out there. I'm sooo glad I sent something else last week, because now I still have hope.

So if I'm not going to talk about my rejection, what should I talk about? Hmmm. How about that I went to play tennis with my 11-year-old son at noon today in 97 degree Georgia-humid heat? (Let me also add that I haven't played tennis in about 3 years and haven't exercised regularly either.) So have you got a visual on that scenario? Oh, and he asked me to play right after I had showered, dried my hair, put on makeup and gotten dressed in capris and a tee shirt. :) I did change into the tennis outfit I bought 3 years ago to try to inspire me to keep playing. (Ha!) Man, I looked good out there--for about 30 seconds. Needless to say, I wasn't quite so fresh afterward. But we had a nice lunch together driving through Burger King with the a/c blasting as high as it would go. (Are you kidding? I wouldn't even think about going in Subway, his first choice, in my tennis clothes!!)

I also had printer problems today. Previously, I would have volunteered to do a commercial for free for HP. But now I'm not so sure. Anyway, I worked for over an hour replacing one cartriage, aligning, then trying to print, then cleaning the cartriages, then trying to print again, then doing an "Intermediate" cleaning, then printing again.

I was trying to print editor and agent letters and envelopes to mail to attendees of a writers conference I'm in charge of. I wanted it to look nice, so by golly, I would get the dang printer working. It is an HP afterall. Well, after an hour, with piles of mis-printed envelopes and paper littering the floor (and with me snapping at the kids the whole time because they kept begging me to get online and transfer money from my daughter's savings account to my son's savings account because she is buying his old Playstation 2 so he can buy a PSP.... blah, blah, blah), I finally gave up. I signed the letters that looked the best and hand wrote the envelopes. I was beyond embarrassment. I was at the point of not caring. Tomorrow, I may feel differently, but I will not let myself spend any more time on them.

So now I have a printer that's spazzing, and I still need to print all the nametags, programs, and table tents for the conference that's next week.

Oh, joy.



Camy Tang said...

So sorry to hear about your printer! Poor thing. I can relate to your frustration!


Belinda P. said...

Missy!! Yell if you can't get it fixed. We'll think of something. I'll help. Remember, I'm here, in Atlanta!
Yahoo for the gumption to play tennis. I wouldn't even have that.

Missy T said...

Thanks, ladies! I think if I print in "best" mode, it might work okay. I'll just use tons of ink.