Saturday, July 15, 2006

Finding My Groove

Well, time has flown by again. Before I knew it, nearly a month passed since I last wrote. I just haven't found my groove in the blogging world, I guess. When I started, I pictured writing every few days, like I might in a journal. But I've found that I'm too tired at the end of the day, or I'm afraid I don't have anything to say that's worth posting. (Can you tell I'm a perfectionist?)

I've visited so many great blogs: Mir's, Camy's, Brandilyn's, Robin Hatcher's and others. And I love to check in on Lindi's since she talks about our visits over coffee and all the profound things we say. :) But I'm not a regular blogger or reader of blogs. The trouble is, I could spend HOURS reading them. I love to visit, to explore the archives, to chat when I have a moment. Then I feel guilty that I'm not at my own site. So I don't indulge often.

Okay, I'm determined. I'm going to try to find my groove. Will it be having interviews here? Or just journaling? Or focusing more on my writing life? We'll see. I'll be thinking on it.

In the meantime, I'll talk about cleaning my house since that's what I did today. (How scintillating, you're thinking!) LOL Of course, I also watched two episodes of Clean Sweep first, which inspired me to get off the couch and do something around my chaotic house. I have a few rooms around here that look like some of the rooms on the show. In fact, I often feel better about myself after watching the show! :) And I wonder how totally humiliated I would be to be appear on the show myself. I guess the payoff makes it worth it to them.

Anyway, I got my kids to go to work in their own rooms. Then I set out to dust, vacuum and mop. And what a nice feeling a few hours later to sit back on the couch without having to look at visible tufts of dog hair everywhere!

There's nothing like enjoying the fruits of your own labor. And speaking of... I e-mailed a submission to an agent this past week. Wouldn't it be nice if I were to get to enjoy the fruits of that labor! And then maybe the fruits of her labor if she were to decide to represent me. :)

Whatever happens, it felt good to accomplish my goal of submitting. It has been a long time coming. I got the request in September. The book was complete, but I spent forever revising it. Then I finally sent it to my critique group, then took forever going over their comments and making more changes. Of course, I had to do two or three more read-throughs after that (the perfectionism again). And wouldn't you know that when I was cutting and pasting the document to send it out this week, I found a typo on the last page! Horrors! I'm so thankful I caught it! LOL

Looking back at my blog title, Finding My Groove, I'm reminded also that it's time to find my groove once again in starting a new story. I have one I started in 2005 that I may go back to. But we'll see. I've had several other ideas that have gone into my idea file.

It's time to open that file and play once again!!

Let me know what you're up to. Have you been having to find your own groove in some area of your life?


Mirtika said...

WEll, my blogging groove seems to be speculative fiction and writing associated. :)

In case you haven't visited the team blog we inaugurated yesterday, drop by, girl. It's me and some ACFW folks who share my passion for SF.


I guarantee one thing: Vow to post every weekday for a month, no matter what, and your "groove" will show itself naturally. That's cause what interests you most will show up,and that's your groove.


Happy blogging, babes.


Belinda P. said...

Missy, You'll find your groove-you always do. We all have a different purpose for this blogging thing. Do what you want. I think being consistent develops the habit of being consistent. Like writing everyday. Even if it's fifteen minutes. I've been keeping my log and when I can't write I make myself write down why I couldn't. Even if it's I slept late. At least when I look back I'll know what I did that day.
Maybe you can go to your blog and post why you didnt post.
Seriously, though you are so good at all you do, any way you do it will be great.
Happy blogging. And let me know when you're starting that story. We can race again.

Missy T said...

Loved your new site, Mir! Sounds like a great bunch. I wish you all the best getting those stories into bookstores.

And thanks for the advice on finding my groove. My target right now is to post at least weekly, so you all can bug me when you don't see an update. :)


Missy T said...

Lindi, I love the idea of having to write down why you don't get your pages written for the day!! Oh boy, that could be an exercise in creativity all by itself--ie. the dog ate my homework. LOL

It would definitely keep me accountable to get online to post why I didn't post. LOL And like Mir said, that could lead to finding my groove. But I'm afraid it would turn into a rant about what chaos my children caused that day. :)