Saturday, June 17, 2006

Links--I'm going in...

Okay, I'm diving right in. In amongst the blog code. I'm going to try to add links to my friends' blogs. Camy gave me instructions. If I don't resurface soon, send rescuers.



Missy T said...

I did it! It worked! And it only took two tries. :)

Thank goodness they have the button that says "cancel changes" so I couldn't mess it up permanantly.


Camy Tang said...

You're so awesome! NOw that you know what you're doing, you can get rid of the Google News and Edit-Me.

Also, go into your blog template frame and do a Control+A (select all) and then Control+C (copy) and paste that code into a Microsoft Word document and SAVE THAT PUPPY! That way if you accidentally mess something up, you have the original.

And yes, I'm speaking from experience.

Belinda P. said...


We're linked! Yeah!!!!

Missy T said...

OH, I saved the edit-me so I'd have it in there in the future! LOL But I guess I could get rid of the google.

And thanks for the idea to copy and past, Camy!! Great idea for backup.