Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ahhh.... the scents of summer... and knowing when to let go.

Summer weather is here to stay. And one of my favorite scents is filling my home. My gardenia bush is bursting with gorgeous white, fragrant blooms, fuller than it's been since we moved here six years ago. I love to cut the blooms with their waxy, dark greenery, and float them in a bowl of water. And right now, as I write, I get an occasional waft of the rich, sometimes overpowering fragrance. Ahhhh.....

I haven't posted in ages. But that's a good thing! I've been revising. I've finished my first two "pass-throughs" and am just about finished with my third. Then I'll have to go through to type in all the changes. The problem is, I find it hard to ever say it's done! I'm a perfectionist. And every time I read through the manucript, I find something else to change. I've learned, though, that once I'm merely changing little words here and there that it's time to let it go.

Time to send that baby out into the world--namely to the agents who have requested it. In the meantime, I'm hoping to hear from one editor who has a partial. If all goes well, she'll be requesting this full about the time I'm ready to let it go into the world. Keep your fingers crossed with me!! (And send up prayers if you feel led.) :)



Camy Tang said...

Yeah! You send that puppy out!

I love ending the revisions of a book, because it means I get to start another one! Whoohoo!


Belinda P. said...

Yeah on the progress! And yeah, it's hard to let go, but I like Camy's comment. On to the next ms!

Belinda P. said...


I'm using your blog as a test. I posted a photo on my blog and wasn't sure if it's going to appear when I post to another blog. (like Camy's does?)
Just testing

Belinda P. said...

yeah, it does. I was kind of hoping it didn't. Oh well....Now if I can only get the meter thing to do right, I'll be in business.

Missy T said...

Thanks, Camy and Lindi for posting! Lindi, the picture lookes like your girl child! :)

Camy, you're so right. I've already started thinking of the next book. :)