Friday, April 21, 2006

Dropping in for a moment...

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! And since this blog is about life with me, I guess it's okay to let time slip by like that.

Life has been crazy. Holy Week at church included lunch-time services each day Monday-Friday and choir practices or performances every night Tuesday-Saturday. Plus, I got my first substitute teaching job for two days that week! Easter Sunday was glorious, but the choir sang at both services. So it was a long day.

This week has brought a sigh of relief. But I still didn't get any writing done. My son's tennis team has been involved in a regional tournament. And I'm judging a contest (published) and still have two more books to read. Okay, so maybe I spent too much time reading email, and could have worked on my manuscript. But I was still recovering from the previous week! And one of my good online friends just got a contract for three books (way to go, Julie!!), and the emails have been flying.

One good thing is that soccer (x2) and tennis will be over soon, so my evenings will be a little freer. I WILL get back to my work in progress. Revisions are calling my name....

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